Lately I'm exploring new ways of making image narratives by experimenting with hands-on processes such as sewing, collage, cyanotype; and printing on substrates other than paper - such as cloth, wood, metal and coffee filters, often combining more than one image in a single work.  Themes related to time and memory as they impact women's experience,  the environment, and my Jewish spiritual heritage are of primary concern and focus in my creative practice.

 Tikkun Olam: Sparks of Autumn II;  Archival photographic print remnants with gold machine stitching and trim; 4"h X 19"w   © 2019 Fruma Markowitz, All Rights Reserved

Tikkun Olam 2019-2020

According to Jewish Mystic tradition, it is upon each of us to wander the world to gather the sparks of good back together, and restore the world to its initial wholeness, purity and well-being. These actions are called “Tikkun Olam,” repairing the world.   MORE >

Decompositions 2016-2020

Walking around city streets we are bombarded by promotional broadsides touting performances, political rallies, entertainment venues and ads showing an ideal lifestyle that awaits us, if only we buy this or that product.   MORE >

In My Father's House 2012-2016

Each piece in this series portrays an emotionally charged moment when my father was especially present and influential concerning my awareness of myself as a girl...  MORE >

Into Blue - 2019-2020

Stepping away from "traditional" (digital) photographic practice and imagery to experiment with one of the first photographic processes - Cyanotype.  MORE >

 Dirty Dishes 2010-2013 

No matter what I do, the clutter in my home seems to defy any attempt at domestic order. Nowhere is this more palpable than in the kitchen sink.  MORE >

 Scanograms 2007-2010 

Many people are confused when they first see these images because they can't tell whether they are photographs or paintings.   MORE >