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The next workshop will be held on Sunday, April 14, 2024.  

Cyanotype With Botanicals
Classes forming for April 14, May 4, July 14, August 10

Join me for a 5-hour intensive hands-on class at my home studio, to learn the basics for making  gorgeous cyanotype prints as you explore this magical, non-toxic, and historic photographic process!

  • $135 tuition covers all materials

  • Small group of 8 participants max

  • Individualized step-by-step instruction

  • Take-home guide provides you with all you need to continue creating cyanotypes on your own

Cyanotype Color Magic
Classes forming for May 5 or June 16
10 am - 3 pm

Add color and texture to Cyanotype prints by incorporating materials that you already have in your kitchen and garden.

  • $150 tuition covers all materials

  • Small group of 6 participants max

  • Wet Cyanotype with spices and suds

  • Double the exposure, double the fun

  • Toning with coffee, tea and tannins

  • Watercolor embellishments

Can be combined as an intensive weekend  with the Botanicals workshop for $250

Cyanotype Magic Weekend
Classes forming for May 4 & 5 or June 15 & 16
10 am - 3 pm

Two back-to-back weekend workshops for those who want intensive immersion in the world of Cyanotype print-making.

  • $250 tuition covers all materials for both days

  • Small group of 6 participants max

  • Cyanotype Basics With Botanicals on Saturday

  • Cyanotype Color Magic on Sunday

Cyanotype at the Beach
Classes forming for July 21 or August 11
10 am - 2 pm

Create abstract, experimental prints using sand, sea, algae, and found materials that are gifts from our New England shoreline, without harming or disturbing the environment.

Also suitable for beginners!

  • $125 tuition covers all materials

  • Small group of 6 participants max

Can be combined as an intensive weekend  with the Botanicals workshop on August 10 for $250

Sign up for a workshop below:

Please send me a message to register your interest. Once I have a minimum of 4 students, I will ask you for payment via Zelle or Venmo.

What workshop(s) are you interested in?
How did you hear about us?

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What my students are saying about the workshops....

W0W! This was such a fun workshop. Easy to get immediate, beautiful results. So gratifying to take home beautiful, personal art!

 - Ryan

IMG_3977 copy.jpg

Fruma knows her stuff! Today was a thorough and fun introduction to cyanotype printing. Her studio was well-equipped and welcoming. Lots of time to play with art!

 - Condie

As an amateur I found this very exciting despite having no expectations. Everything was a fantastic learning experience. Great teacher! Made us excited!

 - Erin

IMG_3966 copy.jpg
Cyanotype Workshop_August 19 2023_WIP 33 - 96 copy.jpg
Cyanotype Workshop_August 19 2023_Finished 13 - 106 copy.jpg

This is such a great workshop to dive into the art of alternative processes. It got the wheels turning and cannot wait for future classes.

 - Jessica

Cyanotype Workshop_August 19 2023_Abby 2 - 65 copy.jpg
Cyanotype Workshop_Condie_August 19 2023 - 9 copy.jpg
Cyanotype Workshop_Tom_August 19 2023 - 7 copy.jpg
IMG_3981 copy.jpg
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