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Artist Bio


Fruma has always been fascinated by what her childhood self called “the olden days.” Spellbound by faded sepia portraits of family members she had never met, and hearing her parents’ stories about escaping pogroms and poverty, she acquired an acute sensitivity to human suffering, alongside a deep awareness of the way time works to both elucidate and obscure human experience. Photography, as a so-called “time-based art” became the perfect medium for her to create her own visual interpretation of time. Her father put a Kodak Brownie camera in her hands when she was seven, and she was hooked forever.


Today, her photography practice focuses on historical, experimental and hand-made processes, with an emphasis on cyanotype, collage and lumen works. Family life, womanhood, cultural history, and urban and natural environments are where she most often draws inspiration for making images.


Fruma is a member of several artist organizations locally in CT where she lives and regularly shows her work, including the Silvermine Guild of Artists, the Artists Collective of Westport, the Westport Arts Center, The Kerschner Gallery, The Bendheim Gallery, The Carriage Barn Art Center, the Ridgefield Guild of Artists, the Shoreline Arts Alliance and the Rowayton Arts Center. She has taught photography to women in crisis at the Project Return home in Westport, and is the recipient of a grant through the Drew Friedman fund. She will have her first Artist Residency at the Weir Farm Historic Nature Preserve in Wilton, CT, in September, 2022.


Her work has also been shown nationally at the SoHo Photo Gallery in NYC, the New York Center for Photographic Arts, the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Southeast Center for Photography, Light ArtSpace Gallery and Remarque Print Gallery in New Mexico, and the ASmith Gallery. She has been published in Issues #33 and 35 of The Hand Magazine, and self-published a book of her documentary travel photographs, "Synagogues Along the Danube," in 2019.


Fruma was a member of the first graduating class to earn a BFA in photography at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in Jerusalem, Israel, and worked as a commercial photographer and photography teacher for five years in Tel Aviv where she participated in her first group shows. She returned to the U.S. to pursue a Master’s degree in Interactive Technology at NYU, which led to a great day job for 25+ years in digital marketing. Additional recent studies at ICP, Harvard Artists Extension, and ICP were with Brenton Hamilton, Anne Eder, and Rochelle Boussieres. Currently she is working with an experimental photography group in Barcelona, Spain to create collaborative works.

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