Now caught up in social distancing, and deeply grieving about isolation and lonely endings all around, I’m documenting their antithesis – all the beauty and new beginnings of this Spring season – almost daily. During solitary walks, and from my garden in Weston, CT, I’ve gathered blossoms of trees, flowers and even weeds, as they open to the world. Unlike photographers who dwell on capturing the emptiness of city streets, the boredom of staying home, or the deathly drama of this horrific crisis, this is how I am able to cope. I am intentionally and gratefully creating work that calls attention to nature’s bountiful, optimistic reassurance – that despite these scary times, life will continue.  See the work >

A Blue Thread:    A Chorus Line of Star Magnolias;  Cyanotype with botanicals on watercolor paper, table salt, turmeric, and soap bubbles; 20"w X 8"h   © 2020 Fruma Markowitz  All Rights Reserved

© 2019, 2020 Fruma Markowitz   All Rights Reserved

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